Saturday, 22 September 2012

Quickly, take it! These bits are heavy!

Today we listed the panel repair jobs yet to do and I showed Martin where the panels go. This is not the best shot, but that's because we were holding several bits on the chassis and snapping at the same time. We are getting close to an exciting stage...bolting floor supports and inner arches, etc. to the chassis.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Achieved my New Year's Resolution

Having put the engine and gearbox back on the chassis 
I have achieved my 
I am delighted.


a Landmark Day - Engine in!

Follow this link (with sound on) to the engine running in its test bed.

Here's the day, nine whole years ago that the engine came out.


Clutch on

I have never played with a clutch before, so this was a special day. Especially simple was replacing the thrust bearing. What a cute bit of design that is...positioned in the actuator with two very simple springs. 

click for clarity
We centred the parts of the clutch with a spline on the gearbox input shaft from another gearbox - an ingenious idea of "B-series" Colin's. He lent me the shaft for the job.

Martin and I loved this technique for simplicity and think that any enthusiast who hooks up with others in an owners' club ought to be able to find someone who has an input shaft they can borrow for the purpose.