Friday, 4 April 2008

Progress - The wisdom of a friend

I cannot believe how long this job has taken! Incredibly frustrating. I keep telling a supportive girlfriend I am making no progress and how I feel I have wasted my holiday, but she wisely pointed out that if I have been persevering with the job, which goodness knows I have been, then I have been making steady progress on a job which was just always going to take a long time. Some jobs do just take a lot longer than others.

Not sure if Sheldrake and Wells are open on Saturdays, but if not I shall take the rad into them on Monday afternoon, after school, to be recored.

Saturday morning update. Went to Sheldrake and Wells. Just caught them as they were locking up. The boss wasn't there. Left rad and sides. Talked to chap there who said that they will measure it up and order the core from somewhere else which has a 24 hr turnaround. They then do all the soldering on site. I shall not be working Monday afternoon, so I shall go in to see the boss. Apparently, you can choose a variety of cores, some of which give more efficient cooling....I think he called it SP2, which sounds just the job. Forgot to get a receipt, but never mind. Hoping to arrange to do some photographing; shame I didn't get this far this week. Working next week means not being able to see mine actually worked on, I reckon.

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