Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Panel- interior - front top L/H part # ANK2604

Today I made a replacement inner panel, the one the Parts Manual calls the Panel - interior - front L/H, from virgin heavy gauge cold rolled steel, which is the first bit of unrecycled steel I have used in years, now. I made it using the old, rusted panel as a pattern.

A mate (and his trailer) and I went to a stockholder a few days ago and I bought two sheets of 1.2mm (2x1m). I think I ought to have got a slightly lighter gauge (as the original material was thinner) but I am delighted with the strength of the panel I made today so I think the cab can only benefit by my decision.

I am so inspired by the result that it would seem churlish and a compromise to the finish not to replace the inner right hand panel as well. That is the job for tomorrow.
Incidentally, I was chuffed to bits to be told by Iain Mckenzie that I had done a good repair along the inside beneath the windscreen. He also tells me that he has my valence on his desk and will be sending it. Anyone who has not seen his work, which incidentally is excellent value for money, should take a look.

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