Tuesday, 7 August 2007

sourcing parts

I learnt a valuable lesson today, which is that if you source parts from a classic car parts supplier you will pay top dollar for something which may be available elsewhere as something more mundane.

I initially contacted a well known classic car part supplier and was quoted a wopping £25 per ball race to go in my front wheels....that's £100 worth! He said he didn't actually have an kits for J Types, but that the bearings are common to other vehicles, and suggested one. He suggested I checked the numbers on the originals and get back to him.

I did check the numbers and I Googled them and found a source, Arc Euro Trade Ltd....rang them to check the details...and ordered all four races (inner and outer x2) for £25, including postage! They normally do stuff for model engineering, which put me off, but the part numbers are right and the dimensions seem to work...so we will see.

That is a useful saving because I then talked to a radiator recoring company and the price for that is about £80 more than I anticipated. I shall be blogging the re-coring process; they say I can watch it and photograph it!

The bearings should be here in the next two days and I shall then finish the front axle.

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