Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Engine Guru

I have just got back from Little Blakenham, where I went to see Colin Smith, my engine guru, who is doing a marvellous rebuild of my engine. It is currently on his mobile test-bed, ready to be fired up next week, after he has finished doing the distributor. I was originally put in touch with Colin by the Cambridge-Oxford Owners Club after I met them at Ally Pally (see second half of this entry) early last year and enquired about B series engines, as their marque has them too.

Colin is enormously experienced with B series engines, though his cars generally have the larger 16 and 1800cc versions. His workshop is chocka-block with tools and spares, your old proverbial Aladdin's cave. I must post a picture sometime because words really cannot convey just how much good stuff he has. I'll also post some pictures of his cars, which look splendid.

It hasn't been easy. The original cylinder head was cracked and the replacement Colin found was also cracked. I then hoped that the engine Truman gave me would provide the head, but Colin told me that he had finally found an uncracked one and put it on.

Seeing how far the engine has come was the boost I've needed recently. This all seems much more possible now.

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