Saturday, 26 April 2008

adjusted radiator stand

Well, as I said, I needed to take about 4mm off the near-side upright on the rad stand, which took a couple of hours of cutting, fitting, welding and drilling....but it is now done and the rad fits with room for packing, which I think is designed to deal with vibration. I am rather proud of it. The photo of it is rather dodgy, but it's something to be going on with.

The leafsprings are due back any day now; they were due back yesterday. I haven't done much else as I have had old and dear friends from America staying for a week.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Radiator's done!

More about this later because Sheldrake and Wells have done me some photos which are on the way, but for now, am chuffed to bits to have the radiator done. I am told that it is going to be the most efficient it can be; about 30% more than it was. And Andy, who did the work, advised strongly against getting one of those additional fans which can be put on the front to boost it. Apparently this is a two row Q pattern core.

As you can see, it looks great. Now that it is assembled, it is fractionally too tight for the stand which I made, but some simple modification should take care of it. I have done some measurements, and apparently the bending of the steel caused some loss of distance across the span....amounting to about 4mm in the worst places, so I have just removed a section of the near-side upright and bent an insert to weld in place some millimetres over. It should be fine. I shall finish that tomorrow evening.

I think I shall get some copper hydraulics pipe and replace the overflow pipe, as that is what was on it originally and it'll look a lot more in keeping. I really like the way Andy fitted the clips to my fabricated sides to hold the pipe. He also went to the trouble of removing the brass Morris plate and replacing it after painting the rad.

Thanks Andy.


Sunday, 13 April 2008

"B" channel reproduction with quarterlight surround

Got to get up in just a few hours for a 250 mile round trip on the motorbike ...."The Chip Shop Run", so I will keep this short for now. I spent a few hours this afternoon replicating a section of "B" channel which had rusted away completely. I am fortunate in having a section of it (top), which I salvaged from the Goat Lady's van, to use as reference. I was pleased with progress.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Spend! Spend! Spend!

This is going to be a week of big spending - the biggest yet in this project. Re-coring the radiator will cost over £200 and the leafsprings (incl silentblocs) are going to cost £611...but I am very excited about both orders because both are being done by top people.

I talked to Mark at Sheldrake and Wells yesterday and he showed me a slighly different core, which will be about 30% more efficient than the original. I will do a piece on this specially, but essentially, they remove the top and bottom, clean them out and solder in a brand new core, fit the sides, then paint the entire job. Mark has taken a couple of before shots and will take one in the process of being transformed. I shall let you all have details of the core later.

After work today I rushed over to NTG as they have very kindly agreed to let me send my leafsprings to Jones Ltd using their courier account, which ought to save me some cash - cheaper than Parcelforce etc. It also gives me greater confidence because NTG have a relationship with Jones, who are very highly recommended by them. NTG have done it on account, which is very decent of them.

When these bits are back, I will be making very real progress. By then the axles will be ready to go back on. Am still waiting to hear back from a friend about the size of shocks needed; anyone know?

Friday, 4 April 2008

Progress - The wisdom of a friend

I cannot believe how long this job has taken! Incredibly frustrating. I keep telling a supportive girlfriend I am making no progress and how I feel I have wasted my holiday, but she wisely pointed out that if I have been persevering with the job, which goodness knows I have been, then I have been making steady progress on a job which was just always going to take a long time. Some jobs do just take a lot longer than others.

Not sure if Sheldrake and Wells are open on Saturdays, but if not I shall take the rad into them on Monday afternoon, after school, to be recored.

Saturday morning update. Went to Sheldrake and Wells. Just caught them as they were locking up. The boss wasn't there. Left rad and sides. Talked to chap there who said that they will measure it up and order the core from somewhere else which has a 24 hr turnaround. They then do all the soldering on site. I shall not be working Monday afternoon, so I shall go in to see the boss. Apparently, you can choose a variety of cores, some of which give more efficient cooling....I think he called it SP2, which sounds just the job. Forgot to get a receipt, but never mind. Hoping to arrange to do some photographing; shame I didn't get this far this week. Working next week means not being able to see mine actually worked on, I reckon.

Time-consuming metalwork

I can't believe how long it has taken to make these radiator sides. I probably over-engineered them again....having to scrap a day's work because it just didn't work right. Incredibly frustrating. Anyway, today I am poitioning, drilling and welding-in captive nuts...made tricky by the fact that fixing holes in the cab are on two parts of the bodywork which I can't put together at the moment. Ah, well....any adjustments will have to be done to the bodywork later. Pleased with how well teh rad will fit my fabricated rad stand, if a little tighter than the original.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Carbs and Leafsprings

I talked to Colin (my engine guru) about him sorting out my carburettor, which he has agreed to do. I am taking two to him Tuesday night. One, the original, has an obviously broken bit, which can be replaced from a second one salvaged from the Goat Lady's van. Between the two it should be possible to make a good one which works, and as Colin still has my engine (click to see it running) I hope he will be able to set it up for me.

I also talked to Chris from Brost Forge today about quoting me for leafsprings, which he anticipates being able to do for about £120 per spring, but as he is not online, I have sent him drawings from the manual and a copy of this page showing the dimensions and the Jones Ltd quote, as he may be able to better it.

God, the metalwork seems interminable!

Today, as well as working on the radiator sides, which need loads of adjusting, I trimmed away some rusty sections of windscreen surround and formed and inserted some virgin steel, having removed surface rust from the inner surround. I think I shall MIG drill-spot weld the strip in place. It is larger than what can be seen here. Welding a tab, cut for the purpose, inside will lever it into place....but a tricky bit of welding may be needed along the fringe of fillet....though I am reluctant to do this partly because the material is likely to blow through and secondly because grinding it back afterwards will be tricky in a concave.

I shall then treat the rusty fillet and squeeze POR15 paste into the fillet to cure and strengthen it.