Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Carbs and Leafsprings

I talked to Colin (my engine guru) about him sorting out my carburettor, which he has agreed to do. I am taking two to him Tuesday night. One, the original, has an obviously broken bit, which can be replaced from a second one salvaged from the Goat Lady's van. Between the two it should be possible to make a good one which works, and as Colin still has my engine (click to see it running) I hope he will be able to set it up for me.

I also talked to Chris from Brost Forge today about quoting me for leafsprings, which he anticipates being able to do for about £120 per spring, but as he is not online, I have sent him drawings from the manual and a copy of this page showing the dimensions and the Jones Ltd quote, as he may be able to better it.

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