Thursday, 2 August 2007

bending - an exercise in problem solving

Today I cut out the net, bent it into shape and welded it up. The whole exercise was a problem solving one because all sorts of packing and forming was needed to create the right bends. It isn't finished just yet, as some finishing grinding is needed in some places and a tiny bit of welding is needed, but on the whole it came out very well.

When I popped up to the house for a break I checked the Tinworm mailbox and was pleased to hear from a man in Australia.... in Victoria, which is where my sister lives. He complimented Truman and me on the trouble we are going to to do proper restorations of our J Types. He is restoring one over there. Thanks mate. Keep in touch.

When I have finished the radiator frame tomorrow, I think I should do the inner panel R/H and then the upper radiator panel. Really chuffed with progress.

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