Saturday, 11 August 2007

hassle and discouragement

Feeling a bit discouraged. Had a few recent hold-ups. The radiator can't be re-cored until next week because I need to get some side frames by cannibalising a mate's rad, the wheel cylinders for my front axle have been delayed by a problem with Paypal and the cab is out of alignment. The other problems will be fine but the last one is going to be trickier.

I had hoped to reconstruct the cab entirely on my wheelie-jig, but it is clear that I will have to complete the arches, back and roof on the chassis. I discovered this when I made up a wooden door template to try to work out how much adjustment would have to be done to the door height to line the door lights (windows) up with the quarterlights. I cut the wood with slack at the top for making markings (and incidentally, I adjusted the width so that it does not include the that it is the actual width of the doorway).

When I offered it up, there was a considerable gap from front to back. I used a plumb bob and spirit level to right the uprights, but there was still a significant gap. I think I will have caused this in the course of changing jigs etc.

So, anyway, I am now going to concentrate on running parts and leave the cab adjustment for when the scuttle is mounted back on the chassis, and once the engine is back in the van.

To give me room to move in the workshop, I think I will mount the scuttle on the chassis as soon as the chassis is ready to roll, but leave the arches and rear of cab until the whole thing is in its new garage home two doors down the road.

God almighty, it's an involved business...especially when you have very little room to move. Next time I'll stick to motorbikes!

I don't know if I shall be finished in time for the 2008, 60th anniversary, but at least then I shall be able to get it out of my neighbour's garage and onto a trailer and tow the project there. Right now it is land-locked.

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