Thursday, 23 August 2007

Mr Magpie and Billie Piper

I have been exchanging emails the last few days with "Mr Magpie", owner of the van featured in the Dr Who episode where an alien takes the form of the Watch with Mother presenter (Maureen Lipman) and sucks people's life-force out of them through their TV Sets, which have been supplied to them by Mr Magpie.

I first met Magpie at Gaydon a few years ago when he was then displaying 3891 EV (the Austin 101 truck in my "Correct 101 Face" section on the right). It was he who bought the blue builder's truck that Truman and I had hoped to buy together, and is making great progress with its repainting; rather unusually, using housepaint.

We made contact again when I bought a fuel tank from him on ebay for about a quid, which I am due to collect shortly, along with a pair of 16" wheels, which he has very kindly supplied for a song....thereby restoring my faith in the kindness of J type enthusiasts (after the Brian Squirrell fiasco).

Getting back to Dr Who, Magpie tells me he met Billie Piper, who admired his van. Lucky beggar. He ought to get one of those blue and white plaques you see outside notable buildings, testifying to the fact. Sigh, I'd have been admiring Billie.


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