Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Leaf Springs

I try to make at least some progress on the 101 every day, even if it doesn't seem a hell of a lot. I started out by putting a line of weld around the patch on the inner R/H panel and then I finished cleaning up the individual leaves of my two front leaf springs. As they are £300 a pair for replacements I thought I'd see what I could do to just clean these up. I have no idea if they will be springy enough.

I had to remove the cold rivets by first grinding off the dome heads then removing the studs using the 12 ton press, which made a hell of an alarming noise each time when it gave - so that I had to keep reassuring myself that the leaf had not broken.

I next need to find out where to get cold rivets and the correct procedure for making shackles like these, presumably by applying heat to the metal before bending it. I also wonder about the tube around the bolts. Anyone know?

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