Sunday, 19 August 2007

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics (or, why everything takes SO long)

As I explained earlier, I do not have a conventional garage. For one thing it is landlocked; I don't have road access. For another, I am doing a complete restoration (every single bit dismantled) in a workshop no longer than chassis itself. So the whole project has been a logistical nightmare.

Last night I made a new trolley to manoeuvre the cab scuttle around, and today my good friend, John, came round and helped me get the scuttle on to it. Then we moved everything out of the rear workshop into the front and I then created space for the scuttle by moving a shelf, and we put the chassis onto my main trolley, which means that I'll be able to move it about in my tight space.

Here's a rather fuzzy picture of the shelving, showing the way the scuttle has been parked on its very nimble trolley, under the top shelf.

Next, I need to repair the outriggers, then start work on suspension, hydraulics, etc. The project will start stepping up apace now. I will move the project to the neighbour's once I have a rolling chassis....And I'll complete it there.

Other good news is that my next door neighbour today agreed my timetable for taking the van out through her garden and into her neighbour's garage...and has agreed to let me put a gate from her garden into his, to give me easy access to the garage (without having to disturb him or his family).

Even if it isn't finished in time, I will definitely be taking my project to the J Type 60th anniversary in 2008, as I will be able to get it onto the road from the garage, even if only onto a trailer.

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