Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Spend! Spend! Spend!

This is going to be a week of big spending - the biggest yet in this project. Re-coring the radiator will cost over £200 and the leafsprings (incl silentblocs) are going to cost £611...but I am very excited about both orders because both are being done by top people.

I talked to Mark at Sheldrake and Wells yesterday and he showed me a slighly different core, which will be about 30% more efficient than the original. I will do a piece on this specially, but essentially, they remove the top and bottom, clean them out and solder in a brand new core, fit the sides, then paint the entire job. Mark has taken a couple of before shots and will take one in the process of being transformed. I shall let you all have details of the core later.

After work today I rushed over to NTG as they have very kindly agreed to let me send my leafsprings to Jones Ltd using their courier account, which ought to save me some cash - cheaper than Parcelforce etc. It also gives me greater confidence because NTG have a relationship with Jones, who are very highly recommended by them. NTG have done it on account, which is very decent of them.

When these bits are back, I will be making very real progress. By then the axles will be ready to go back on. Am still waiting to hear back from a friend about the size of shocks needed; anyone know?

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