Monday, 21 April 2008

Radiator's done!

More about this later because Sheldrake and Wells have done me some photos which are on the way, but for now, am chuffed to bits to have the radiator done. I am told that it is going to be the most efficient it can be; about 30% more than it was. And Andy, who did the work, advised strongly against getting one of those additional fans which can be put on the front to boost it. Apparently this is a two row Q pattern core.

As you can see, it looks great. Now that it is assembled, it is fractionally too tight for the stand which I made, but some simple modification should take care of it. I have done some measurements, and apparently the bending of the steel caused some loss of distance across the span....amounting to about 4mm in the worst places, so I have just removed a section of the near-side upright and bent an insert to weld in place some millimetres over. It should be fine. I shall finish that tomorrow evening.

I think I shall get some copper hydraulics pipe and replace the overflow pipe, as that is what was on it originally and it'll look a lot more in keeping. I really like the way Andy fitted the clips to my fabricated sides to hold the pipe. He also went to the trouble of removing the brass Morris plate and replacing it after painting the rad.

Thanks Andy.


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