Saturday, 31 March 2007

crisis of confidence

Personally, I am having a bit of a crisis of confidence. What with the Venice trip, a several-week bout of what the docs dismiss as the 100 day bug (which implies that you must just put up with it) and work, I have got nothing done for nearly a month out of my rather pressing restoration timetable. It is beginning to feel like this has been going on for ages and that I will never finish. Of course, I am no quitter, but I am anxious. The trouble is that this is a big project and my first, and worse still, I am learning everything on the job.

I need my mate John to come round and give me a boost. Sometimes he will come round and I will be telling him what I plan for the next bit and he will say, "Well let's try that" and within an hour or so we'll be well into it, when I might otherwise have been just standing around looking at it; I seem to do a hell of a lot of looking at it.

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