Sunday, 6 January 2008

Brake assembly

After collecting and cleaning my lamb chop today, I spent most of my time in that endlessly infuriating task - searching for something you always put in the same place....except that last time you put it down, you put it down somewhere else and knew you'd remember; but actually forgot - bugger! I have lost the tap for my welding gas regulator. I searched EVERYWHERE - including the completely illogical places, like my pockets.

Then, to make myself feel like I had achieved something, I took the brake assembly off the rear axle (circled in blue) and cleaned up the part circled in red, which centres the cables. Interestingly, as I removed the bound cable from its running tubes it was apparent that it had some kind of rubber bush (about the size of a pasta tube) to stop the cable getting chafed. I wonder if these can be replaced easily? Anyone know? Magpie?

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