Sunday, 3 February 2008


It has just come to me why it is that I make slow progress: I am a night owl in a world which expects quiet at night. And I am a considerate neighbour. I have always worked best at night....worked right through until about 5am. when I was at university, for instance .....but because the resto involves power tools, banging, etc., I haven't done the same for this project

This afternoon I felt guilty because I couldn't get motivated....and finally the rush of energy came at about 11pm. So I got togged up against the cold, went down to the shed and beavered away, getting the wheel backplates off the rear axle, then came indoors, spread newspaper over the box-room floor, opened window and front door for ventilation and sprayed (front axle) backplates and all four brake drums with high temperature paint. This may be over-kill, but as the drums are going to get hot, it just seemed sensible.

The picture shows the second coat. As you can see, it is cloudy matt in appearance, but bear in mind that it won't be visible: wheels are mounted on the drums and the backplates are going to be beneath the horizon and in-board. Incidentally, thinners were used to de-grease the parts before the primer coat was layed down (no primer needed) and the studs were taped to stop paint gunking up the threads.


magpie said...

Come on tinworm, don't give up we want more progress on this fantastic project.

Tinworm said...

Thanks for the encouragement, magpie. I get these periods of self-doubt. silly really.