Monday, 5 May 2008

Farting about and problem solving

Today, I rewarded myself for spending several hours marking assessments by spending several more farting around in the workshop - restoration takes quite a bit of farting about, and when not farting, standing round musing. John came round and took away two springs and some shagged anchor bolts, promising to return in a week or so with machined replacements. We have agreed that widening the holes in the mounting castings and widening the front anchor bolts on the rear springs will deal with the bush ID problem.

In the meantime I am refurbishing the rear shackles for the front springs. Today I spent about an hour cleaning up the threads and getting the worst of the rust off. The rubber bushes, surprisingly, weren't too bad. But I shall replace them anyway.

I let myself off the hook today, too. I may not put myself under stress to get a rolling chassis to the June event. It is a lot of expense and stress. I may just go along and enjoy the event and continue the project at a more natural pace......and save the money for the restoration. After all, the work is getting its public airing here.

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