Saturday, 3 December 2011

Let's get this show on the road!

June 2010 was the last time I did anything on the van....that is, wait for it..... 17 months! And before that I think it had been another two years! Flying has taken over my life...that and my career....and thoughts had turned to selling the project and letting someone more enthusiastic finish it.

But a couple of nights ago John phoned and, when I said I had lost the drive, he managed to convince me that it would be a terrible shame, after everything I have done over all these years, to let someone else steal my thunder, when really I have turned it from a scrap-heap into a viable Meccano set, which just needs assembling.

So I am going to start the tank re-lining today. Then I need to do a proper critical path analysis...planning exactly what needs to happen, when, in order to get the whole thing bolted together.


Bugly said...

Onya Tinworm ... you're a bit like me, you keep getting side-tracked!!

Happy Christmas, and all the best to you for 2012!!

Tinworm said...

Thanks Bugly
May you never be distracted as long as I have been. I started this blinkin thing in 2003!!!

Happy Christmas to you too!