Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012

Ok, I am scared of promising something that just isn't possible, but my resolution this year, emboldened by the success I had in meeting last year's goal (nothing at all to do with the van, predictably), is to at very least get the chassis rolling and engine and gear box in this year!

The bit that stops me promising myself I will finish the van is the metalwork.....but recent success with that makes even that do-able

But dammit, that's it, I am determined to turn this project around this year!

Happy New Year, Everyone!


ferret1958uk said...

It is good to see this 101 progressing still. I checked back in after about a year.

My fathers Austin 101 is in my workshops at the moment and although the work there is mainly chassis cleaning and mechanical overhaul there are some serious body issues being addressed as well. Reading about your progress keeps us other restorers motivated, and I hope my message here will help keep you motivated as well? We have just replaced the rear crossmember on the body and will be looking to follow your experiences on the front wheel arches soon. Merlin, Worthing

JB vanman said...

Hey, looking good. Keep up the good work.


Tinworm said...

Merlin, thanks for your kind comment. Really nice of you. I am a complete amateur....and learnt just about everything on this project by doing it, so what you say is very encouraging.

Tinworm said...

Thanks Paul....I really must get on with it now...keep getting distracted by other projects (converting bathroom into a submarine...and making a hangar trolley for my plane, etc)
all the best