Sunday, 4 November 2012

inter-GRIPPING Progress

Martin has been hard at it, again, and this time has restored the nearside floor support panel, which was riddled with holes. He came round today and we dry-fitted the panels on the chassis; the driver's side one is the one I fabricated using the original as a pattern.
Martin used some inter-grips, which I bought online, to hold two pieces of steel very slightly apart, so that they could be butt welded together really well .

And parallel with Martin's, the one I made some years ago:
Good progress. Martin took away an internal wheel arch and the prop shaft, to work on when he gets his mojo.


Morris Man. said...

Well done Tin worm, its looking good, slow progress but progress is progress, when you think what you started off with. Full credit to you and all the skills you have taught yourself.

Tinworm said...

Nice of you, Morris Man.. and encouraging to know that someone is keeping an eye on the project.