Monday, 19 November 2007

progress yesterday; frustrations today

Another of those frustrating days, today, where just about everything that could go wrong, did. Worst of all, the wire feed motor on welder stopped working and I still haven't worked out why; gas release servo works, as does hand switch, relay fuse seems ok, but tried bridging it and that didn't....not that it is a fair test because I am not 100% sure that the bridging was a good contact anyway (I'd only know that if it had worked) so I am no closer.

On the positive side, the foundation unit for the trailer hitch is concreted in now and the chassis is now in place in my neighbour, Paul's garage. The point about this garage is that it faces the road and has a double door and access is no longer a worry. I shall work on bits in my workshop, then carry them across Greta's garden, through the makeshift gate I made yesterday and into the garage to be assembled. The other great thing is that I no longer need to rent Greta's garden (though I have access) and the garage is costing me the same, so there is no net loss....and road access is gained - plus lots of room to the dry in the garage.

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