Thursday, 22 November 2007

It doesn't rain, but it pours!

First it is the welder, then it is my car battery, which has suddenly flattened itself, so that when I leapt in the car to pop over to Bennets to get a part for the welder, it wa-ah-aha-aha-ahed but wouldn't start. Damn. So, took the battery out today and have it on charge. May have to walk to school tomorrow.

Mate, John, always good with technical problems, came round and we took the main switch apart (diode not lighting), having found that the motor can be made to work off a 12V charger and that the fuse was ok. So we don't know what's up now because, using a bulb on the switch tabs we found that apart from the diode not lighting, all the other tabs would light a 12V car bulb. I did wonder if the entire circuit is being fused by the diode, of course, but it doesn't seem likely....being so inaccessible. So, we are a bit stumped and that is bloody annoying because the welding jobs are piling up and I can't afford to get someone to mend it.

May ask friendly electrician, Karl, up the road if he will run a multimeter over it and isolate the problem. Damn, wish it had simply been the toggle and easy to fix.

P&P Blasting told me the rear axle could be done for £50 ish, so I reckon I shall make myself happier and save a few bob by starting that manually tonight. I brought it inside today and put it back on blocks. I am afraid that leaving it our these last few years, albeit covered, hasn't done it any good.

Read here about Sealey and Bennett's, how the welder was repaired but how I felt ripped off

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