Monday, 11 August 2008

Where's Tinworm?

For anyone who doesn't know and is wondering why there has been no progress on the 101, I have been learning to fly at Sywell, staying up there and variously camping on the airfield or sleeping in the hangar.

Sorry if you haven't received responses to email. is the best way to keep in touch but I don't get online as often as usual.

see my flying blog:

Normal service will be resumed in September.


sgrants said...

Gidday Tinworm,
I have Just got me a Morris J Van, I have also just started a blog ( to record the restoration, I have added a link to your blog also! Together we stand etc.

magpie said...

Hi tinworm,
Are you down to earth now?

Tinworm said...

Hi Magpie
Long time no see. Sorry mate, I have kept you in the dark. Fact is that I have been completely distracted all August and some of this month too, by learning to fly, which has been dogged by bad weather. Despite which, I have made good progress with it, getting 23 hours of flying lessons in, which is bloody good going. Thing is that on average it takes 40+ hours, so I am in it for a longer haul than anticipated.

I have been getting a bit bored with the 101 project. I won't give up on it, of course (come too far for that) but taking as holiday from it has done me some good.....better than losing heart altogether as Truman appeared to do.

Will put some time in on it over the winter, I promise. Must look at how you are getting on.

all the best