Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gone to a good home

This evening Dez (in the cap, above) fitted his A-frame to Lily using chains from my hoist and, with his mate Damian taking up the rear, towed her away. He has definitely been earning her with the work he has done on my leafsprings, axles and brakes.

He is back after the Bank Holiday to finish off the rear wheels and take away my fuel tank for renovation, along with various spares for Lily, which I hasten to add is not my J Type but a Ford Prefect.

It was sad to see Lily go but she is going to be looked after far better by Dez and I have had my money's worth out of her.

Also, the neighbour whose garage I rent (see pics) is taking my Lamb Chop (just visible in some of the shots) off my hands for the cost of 60 weeks' rent, so there is progress there too.


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