Tuesday, 8 September 2009

engine-bearing cross members

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I have been contacted by Charlie in Canada, who is restoring a J Type which someone has converted into a minibus, by the looks of it....but I am pretty sure from his photos that it was originally a van.

Charlie asked if I could provide details of the cross members which support the engine, as his van's engine had been replaced with something entirely different. Having taken dimensions, done rough sketches and photos, I thought I would post them so that anyone can see and use them.

As I told Charlie, these are for guidance only and before anyone goes and loads an engine on to anything they have fabricated, they must satisfy themselves that what they have built will take the load.

This link is to the work I did to replace my missing outriggers, which are the ends of one the missing cross members Charlie is interested in.


Mr Magpie said...

Hi Tinworm, super drawings and sketches, yours is a 101 right hand drive, I thought Charlie was going to fit a side valve engine. Most of the sub chassis and rear cross member can be turned round for a left hand drive vehicle, but i'm not sure that the sidevalve bracket and "B" series bracket are the same. magpie

Tinworm said...

just gave Charlie what he asked for. Haven't actually followed exactly what he plans on doing (actually, I still need to follow it up with some more measurements, but haven't had time.