Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tinworm is tinworking again - after TWO YEARS!!!

I got back to work on the van today - for the first time in TWO YEARS!!!

Progress was made in August last year - but by someone else.) The last time I did anything on it myself was way back in July 2008.

I fabricated the tops of the windscreen, as planned and welded them in on both sides. At present it may look a bit rough, but I will do the fine finish at the painting stage. I will use por-patch to fill holes and to seal the the joins between old and new metal. For now, the entire windscreen surround is solid!

The scuttle now rings instead of rattles


Bugly said...

Hi Tinworm and welcome back! For a while there I thought we had lost you! The window surround looks absolutely tops, and without doubt has strengthened it up beautifully. It continues to amaze me that there are so many almost unrestorable J-vans out there which are then turned right around into well-presented vehicles. Comes back to the vision and perseverance of the owner. Top marks so far on this one! Cheers - Bugly

Tinworm said...

Thanks very much indeed, Bugly! :)

Mr Magpie said...

well done Tinworm, your flying on the project again, have you booked the MOT date yet?

Tinworm said...

haha, Magpie, but thanks, yes, I am finally interested again, though I don't really feel the same passion I originally did...I am afraid the flying has taken over there.