Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Making tools from scrap steel

Spent a couple of days re-organising my workshop, clearing out clutter and welding up new stands for fabrication tools. 

Making the quarterlight sill was tricky because I'd lost the base for the sheet bender and had to clamp the tool to a workmate. 
All very unsatisfactory. 
So I decided I needed to make something much more substantial.
 Sheet bender gets a rigid base

 A box section in front of the bender provides a tower for a quickly removed shrinker tool 
(same for the stretcher on the other side of the bench)

A rigid support tower for my guillotine

. . .  and all made from scrap, including the workbench which was rescued from a demolition.


Morris Man. said...

Great work as always,
Your getting there slowly but surely, well done.

Tinworm said...

Thanks very much :)

Haven't written up for a long while, but am making little bits of progress