Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Breakdown of expenditure for those considering buying my project

The following is my verifiable outlay so far (in terms of parts and third party labour)

Initial purchase price    551.00
McKenzie inner arches approx    30.00
McKenzie front valance   58.00
McKenzie front valance top panel   14.00
engine work by third party   90.00
re-core radiator   217.38
newly forged leafsprings all round   634.50
bush shackle   9.40
wheels shot blasted and re-painted (900 two-pack)by third party   100.00
fitting tyres to wheels   50.00
petrol tank repaired 60.00
POR15  25.00
starter motor 59.00
hydraulic pipe kit (made to measure) 104.12
rear shocks   44.99
engine mountings   11.48
side lamps   82.00
front shocks   47.52
classic tyres   497.10
king pin set    44.00
pull off springs   42.65
brake shoe re-lining   88.00
wheel bearings   24.45
front wheel cylinders (MG TD/TF)   99.35
two mater cylinders   105.00
misc bushes from NTG 9.40

Grand Total    £3,110.93 

other expenditure for which I can't find the receipts:
clutch plate, clutch cover and thrust bearing, 
ex-stock, brand new and primed Austin 101 front panel
handbrake cable
track rod ends

Any price finally agreed upon would have to cover at least the outlay so far on parts. I do not know how to quantify the work done to get the van to the stage it is at now. Have a look at how far I have come, by looking back through the blog. What we have now is a rolling chassis with engine (run on test bed but needs finished carb and exhaust), gearbox, prop shaft, breaks (hydraulics to be completed), wheels, tyres, shocks and leafsprings. To go on to it we have a front scuttle on which I have done lots of work, but which is not yet finished. Also have lots of metalwork done on inner arches, steps etc.

I also have lots of other parts: doors, wings, inner wings, sliding door runners, cab back, floor supports, floor panels, headlamps (originals and replacements), etc

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