Monday, 23 June 2014

changing hands

A quick selfie showing the old owner handing 3591 NG over to the new owner before he drove his horse box away, loaded up with a front scuttle, the bulkhead, folding doors, panels, wings and boxes of parts; the chassis to go Tuesday morning.

Beneath the horsefeed, 3 front panels. The Goat Lady's on the bottom, the Morris one NG came with, and the new ex-stock Austin one Mike Cotton sold me. And, on top of them, a mangled spare wheel carrier. The latter is a case in point: the buyer's appreciation of that mangled bit of iron's worth tells me he understands J Types.

He came highly recommended by Roly. After my various dealings with dodgy characters in the past, who take advantage of a J Typer's good nature, it is good to know that NG is going to be finished by a true enthusiast.

Will I be gutted when it is finished? I don't think so, now. I thought I might be, but the time was right to sell. However close to being finished it might be, I knew in my heart of hearts that it would not be me who did it. The buyer was enormously complimentary about all my metalwork on the scuttle, how complete the rolling chassis is and about how easy I have made it for him to finish it off.  So, I wish him well with it.

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