Thursday, 11 January 2007

8) Mission Possible -wings bolted up rather than up on bricks

When I first saw the van on eBay, the wings were propped up on bricks. As the inner wing sills to which they bolted had rusted away, I hadn't been able to bolt them in place and had consequently never seen my 101 with its front wings in place. So after welding the sills to the scuttle I couldn't wait to bolt the wings to it and see them in place for the first time.

Here's how I repaired that inner wing you can see, above

It felt fantastic to see the wings on and the ex-stock 101 panel fitted. I was particularly glad to see that I had lined the bottom of the wings up with the valance level properly. Incidentally, I removed the valance with a view to repairing its many shunt distortions...but I think this is a part I shall get Iain McKenzie at Fairmile to make.

Here is a close-up on a 101 front
(taken from a 1957 brochure)

Dismantling the wheels

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