Friday, 5 January 2007

3) How much was there left of her when the project started In June 2003?

To be candid, first impressions were not brilliant. It pretty soon became clear that there was not one part of the whole project which would not require restoration or replacement. All bodywork was rusted, had holes and was frighteningly thin, aluminium doors were corroded, the engine would not turn over, instruments were missing, the seat had lost its cushion base....

...everything visible was rusted and all nuts, bolts and screws were too corroded to unscrew and would need grinding off.

The aluminium siding was corroded and the chassis rust was challenging.

The internal arches, which hold the wings on, had rusted away and the wings were held in place in the ebay pictures propped up by bricks (cheeky).

Below is what was left of the step!

There's meant to be an internal arch here (below) obscuring the view of that shock absorber

Brake and clutch cylinders were rusted solid and all the hydraulic piping was fragile, brittle stuff (where it still existed at all)


I started work on her two days after moving her to my place, by removing the doors using a Rotozip bought for me by the staff of my school for my 40th birthday.

Day one (30 June 2003)

Removing the engine Summer 2003

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