Tuesday, 13 February 2007

a Builder's J Type - inspiration

On the grapevine I have heard of the existence of this J Type, which may become available for sale and though I'd love to own it, I prefer to see it as inspiration for my 101. The chap who drew it to our attention thinks it should be left unrestored but made roadworthy and Truman's and I agree that this scheme has great appeal. It is something that my teacher friend, John, and I have discussed often too. At Gaydon some years ago we saw an unrestored and dilapidated 1930s Ford pick-up truck - rusty, covered in grease and dust, unrepaired dents etc.....and it looked absolutely lovely.

I especially love a commercial vehicle in its original livery. I like the lack of pretension....as compared to so-called concours condition, which always strikes me as fundamentally implausible in a commercial....which would almost invariably have been rough and ready vehicles. A commercial should look used, not new. And if it is going to look used, how much better to see it in its original, if tired, livery, than to see it as a replica of its former self.

I'd love to own this vehicle but I am unlikely to do so. I can only hope that whoever does come to own it and put it back on the road, preserves it in something like its present form.

I would like to see this J Type "in the flesh" with a view to seeing its details, taking a few measurements and in particular to have a closer look at the construction of the cab and especially its roof.

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