Wednesday, 7 February 2007

HOT TIP #101 Tinworm's Miracle Hand Cleaner

Here's a hot tip (I picked up from a mate) for anyone who frequently gets greasy, oily and generally "workshop" hands:

Don't invest in expensive garage hand cleaner like Swarfega. Achieve the same or better results with sugar and washing-up an infinitessimally lower cost.

Use a blob of washing-up liquid and tea-spoon of sugar and rub your hands just as if you are washing....but without water. The sugar acts as an abrasive. In less than a minute you will be ready to wash the stuff off - and if you don't have hot water, cold will work just fine too. Incredible but true.

(Now, how can package that as a product and make a mint? There must be mugs all over the place who will buy the stuff)


Paul B said...

Sweet tip! Castor sugar for those of us with dry skin? Might I suggest a pinch of Oregano? Should go well with a nice Grenache, methinks. All those years using Swarfega .... grrrrrr

Tinworm said...

hey, thanks....phew, I very nearly deleted your comment - thought it was spam for a hand cleanser!