Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Goat Lady donor gives new life to my cab

Today I completed the reinforcing fillet in the dashboard channel which is crude to look at but you have to remember that it will be invisible when the channel replacement angle is welded in place.

Then I trimmed and cleaned up the driver's side top-right corner of the cab, where the metal on my cab was riddled with can be seen in the bottom part in this picture. The replacement comes from the Goat Lady's van and it is encouraging that the salvage will give my van life.

Below is the part - only held in with swarf, cut to size and roughly filed. But I need to file the cab ready to take the part. I am pleased with the result so far. It will be welded along the inside radius of the windscreen and at the obvious joins, top and bottom...and with proper finishing I see no reason why you should notice the join, especially as the windscreen will have glass-retaining aluminium strips covering the weld.

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