Friday, 2 February 2007

Serious cab surgery

Originally I felt that I got very little in the way of salvage from the diabolically rusted Goat Lady's van but recently realised that some of the cab was actually in marginally better repair than mine, so I have spent the time after work, the last two days, measuring and cutting my cab with a view to welding in some better parts from the cannibalised cab. It is a bit of a tricky business but will be worth it.

What you can see here is the driver's side, top corner, which is in a horrible state. The part that will replace it is actually not at all bad, which is surprising when you consider that it has been sitting in a field for over 40 years, where mine has spent a lot of that time indoors.
I have also been rubbing down all the windscreen surround and front panel frame ready to take POR preparation and filler/seam sealer, which is on order from Frost. I have also been in correspondence with the manufacturer in the US and am really investing quite a lot of hope in their claims for the products.
I will report back on the results.

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