Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Friends Reunited - J-Type style (+ fabrication)

Great day today (about which, more later)...but in short, finally got hold of Truman after ages (thought he might have died), exchanged emails with Magpie (for whom I have promised to start a blog, as he is a terrific restorer and a very funny writer) and exchanged email with Andy Joyce who is selling his van on ebay....this is the one he built in incredibly quick time from two wrecks. Nice guy. I first talked to him when I was going for my 101 on ebay, when I begged him not to bid against me, and he very kindly backed off! What a generous, decent bloke. Sadly, he is under pressure from family to get rid of his van, but I may have persuaded him to abort the auction and feature the van in the forthcoming June meet. Hope so. He said he couldn't go without his van, he'd be too sad. I hope I have persuaded him - he'd kick himself if he didn't take the van...and the credit.

Been working in the shed today fabricating radiator sides from scratch (mine are almost completely gone) ...and once re-cored, my rad will fix into my fabricated radiator stand. I have also cut and shaped some windscreen surround and surgically removed some of the rusty parts it will replace. Fitting it will be tricky...a combination of drilled-spot welds and POR-15.

Thinking of producing a coloured schematic showing just how much of the vehicle I have had to fabricate. Looking back, I am pretty proud, considering I'd never worked in metal before. Hopefully the schematic will go some way to explaining why the project has taken me so long.

Fabrication examples- click on each: replacing the A pillar ; inner arches ; inner wing ; panel interior ; dash panel with captive nuts ; outriggers ; radiator frame: dash repair; rad blanking plate; cab floor support etc

Am waiting to hear back from Carl Jones with a quote for leafsprings, having sent him manual drawings and dimensions. Also waiting for Sealeys to get more CO2 in....as I ran out ages ago. Very frustrating being unable to weld.

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