Friday, 14 March 2008


I have moved the Mechanic's Gate project postings to the Car-B-Que blog.

I went to see Paul at NTG today, with a view to sourcing bushes, leafspring clamps, shackles, etc and came away convinced that instead of restoring the old springs, I need to bite the very expensive bullet and get new ones.

When I talked to Truman about this a year or so ago, he told me he'd had his made at £300 per pair! Someone at Rossendale Road Springs said they'd be about £450. I just emailed an outfit in Birmingham recommended by Paul, called
Jones Springs Ltd and am hoping their price will be more competitive.

In order to save cash, I had
dismantled my old springs and cleaned up every leaf, but it seems, based on Paul's extensive knowledge, that they are pretty far gone. He says that if I plan on running the van once restored, I really ought to bite the bullet on this one, and I think he is right, sadly.

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