Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Tyring but satisfying day.

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 The delivery of the tyres, today, was a momentous occasion, and the people at X Spurt Tyres seemed to understand my excitement as they put them on my wheels. I gather they get a fair few classic car enthusiasts in, and apparently I am not the first to film it either (though sadly, the films didn't really work - low batteries, dammit). 

Mark reckoned he might remember taking the old tyres off the wheels years ago, but I said there was a fair chance he was still at school! But look at this - he might be right after all!

 At this point, Mark found that the set up on the machine (which had worked for the other four) was wrong for the last one. He compared the rim to the others with a caliper. This one is now my spare, only because its rim is more curled than the others. Nothing wrong with it. Can't remember what they said it is called.
 Then the wheels were balanced with strips of weight on the INSIDE of the wheel.

All but one done. All five now stand in Paul's garage waiting to be bolted on...once I manage to source a pair of front shock absorbers.

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Peter Eveleigh said...

note to self: one is marked F for front. The others needed the same amount of balance, so can be used F, B or spare.

38psi, but can go to 44