Saturday, 18 August 2012


This is rather infuriating, but have just discovered, years after doing a lovely job on the kingpins, that  I put the stub end knuckles on the wrong ends of the front axle, presumably assuming that the axle was symmetrical, which on the surface it appears to be. Be warned, however. The holes which take the bottom lug of the shock absorbers have a rebate to accommodate a shoulder. The lug hole should be pointing forward.

Now, we did think of drilling a rebate into the casting from the other end (about 8mm deep, 13mm diameter). After all, the hole is well piloted. But it feels the wrong solution to me. Utterly frustrating though it is, I need to do this right and push the kingpins out and swap the knuckles over.

Going to dismantle the front today.

(Note to self...keep the king pins and bushes, top and bottom, with their stub ends; it is only the axle which is being swapped over)

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