Thursday, 2 August 2012


Roly (good to be in touch with him again) has asked me to update the blog, so here we go:

Martin, early twenties, foreman of a manufacturing plant and partner of a collegue, has read lots of this blog and become very enthusiastic about the project, and he has volunteered to come over after work and help really move it along. As I said, a good kick is what it needed.

One thing he is good at is online research. I always thought I was good at it too, but he has a real knack for it. For example, we have just ordered front and rear engine mounts, which are not listed for the J type specifically, but for other Austin/Morris motors, incl the J4. The front mounts arrived this morning and look right. I have also bought a set of track rod ends and Martin knows someone who will straighten out the track-rod, which has a kink in it.

We are looking for shock absorbers now. Roly says that I am looking for:
Part numbers for front shockers are Armstrong 62-0010, woodhead 03107, 03144, 03146, 08399 Girling 3991.Rear, Armstrong 62-0021, Woodhead 09274, Monroe 7014, Gabriel 17360.Nothing comes up with those numbers, so I would be interested in what alternative solutions others have found. Martin is looking into whether VW Camper springs will be suitable.

The other night we went into the garage and test fitted the clutch master cylinder, brake and clutch pedals and other bits, and we did a complete audit of parts....and boxed up the old bits which we won't be using; they will go on ebay as pattern/reference bits. The only bit I had which I can't find is the starter motor, but I daresay it will show up.

I am off school for the holiday, so the masterplan is to get the van on its wheels and put the engine and gearbox in, the rad on and hopefully the front scuttle. I still have some welding to do on the scuttle and wings.

My Godfather has recently died and left me enough to buy a set of tyres, which will seriously kickstart the project. 

So, there you have it. I wonder if anyone will read this.


Tim said...

Hi Tinworm, don't worry someone will read it.


Tinworm said...

Thanks Tim. Another mate said that this site comes up whenever you Google J Type, so I guess it will be read. It is just that old readers may have gone away, never to return, when the project ground to a halt four years ago.