Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shocking tyre news :)

Mike (Redditch, UK) very kindly pointed me to a posting on his own restoration blog, where he has a solution for the rear shock absorber: they come from a Mk 1 Ford Escort.

And Simon at Longstone Tyres, once he understood that I wanted high wall tyres to compensate for the aesthetic loss due to having 15" rather than 16" wheels, suggested using  670x15 Camac 6 Plys, which, as it happens, are half the price of the Avons, and have a more commercial vehicle look about them. The Camac's diameter is 37mm greater. What's more, he is happy for me to put them on the vehicle and return and exchange them if they are not right!

What really impresses me about Simon's advice is that he wanted me to have the best tyre for my situation, regardless of the price. That is impressive! Going to ring back and order the tyres now.

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