Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Winning the numbers game

I have learned a valuable lesson in the restoration game. In searching for suitable shock absorbers for the 101 I have been searching for the original parts numbers, imagining that at very least the search would throw up an associated modern equivalent, when what I should have been doing was using the numbers Martin used. What he asked himself was, "What will these parts do? And what vehicle uses parts which have open and closed dimensions which are similar?"

Instead of looking for "Armstrong 62-0010, woodhead 03107, 03144, 03146, 08399 Girling 3991" I should have been looking for  15" open and 10" closed.

Martin worked out that kbo make a shock which fits a Beetle with those dimensions, though the number he found was for the front, which has different fixings, so the woman at GSF found some rear shocks for the same model Beetle (a 1970/80) on the shelves which, because the engine is rear mounted, should make these especially suitable for the front of the 101. And she offered me a price range. I settled on a mid range priced oil filled shock. They are GSF part # 513VG0010 and made by BOGE.

Total price for the pair, £47.52.

That brings me on to some other numbers. A classic car parts specialist told me he could solve this problem for over £100, which struck me as steep, so I asked who made the parts and he got cagey...saying the details would be on the invoice. I told him I'd rather buy from someone willing to be more open with the details. I am glad I did. It more than halved the price. 


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