Saturday, 11 August 2012

Brief Reflection

It does seem to me that the project really has got to the stage of being a Meccano set....and it is pretty much like this with most classics you buy and own; or at least it was with my Prefect and now with my Morris 1300. Just a matter of sourcing the odd bit once in a while to keep it running. Or perhaps even stripping a system down (the brakes or the engine) to do some major servicing.

But my J Type project has been much more than that because there is not one single bit which hasn't needed stripping, fabricating or replacing....sourcing (which takes the most time)....and along the way, the acquiring of skills...welding, sheet metal fabrication, etc. So it has been a long old haul.

But it really is now a Meccano set, very largely. And that means that progress is happening much more quickly, which is Soooo good for the soul! But even that would not have happened if Martin hadn't got excited reading this blog, and given me the kick needed to get under way. He is a clever bloke and it is fun sharing the project with him.

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