Saturday, 4 August 2012


Martin came round for a couple of hours today and made light work of spot welding my quarterlight repair piece. His welder is much better than mine, and he has very kindly lent it to me for the summer.

He has also taken away, cleaned up and painted my engine mounts and I bought front and rear mounting bushes from Earlpart Ltd on eBay, so once the shocks and tyres are sorted, we will be able to refit the engine and gearbox.

Me, with rather less hair, as evidence of how long this project has taken.

I am quite chuffed about a little bit of genius of my own, here. The made to measure J Type pipe was too short to pass over the chassis member, as it is meant to, because I have used non-original master cylinders (these are made for Morris Minors) which are cast slighly differently. I made it fit by passing the pipe up inside the chassis

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