Thursday, 23 August 2012


"B Series" Colin got me a clutch plate, clutch cover and thrust bearing, which I collected today. Turns out he got them from NTG, who have sold me a number of parts over the years. I forgot to order some clutch-to-flywheel bolts, so Colin is going to look some out for me next week (together with some of those locking pieces - whatchermacallits a washer across two bolts), which means we won't put the engine in this week, as hoped. But it may be as well anyway because Martin has an early morning airport run tomorrow and I have to source a single castle nut for the back axle.

While I was there I also got my engine sling mounts, which Colin had forgotten to put back on when he serviced the engine. He is going to service my carburetter as soon as I give him the nod.

The short delay gives me time to clean the greasy, claggy deposits off the gearbox housing and to take the old mounts off .

Little by little, it is all progress :)

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